Sunday, August 09 2015

 Most of us feel that the time we get each day is too short, and you certainly don't hear people wishing they had less of it. In a society increasingly concerned with accomplishments and "getting it done," time is of the essence and it's more valuable now than ever. One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves to boost productivity is learning how to properly manage time. While it's a skill that should be tailored to your individual habits and working style, there are a few tips that should universally apply. Try these three tips for better time management: 

1. Regularly keep track of how long it takes you to complete certain routines: You could take a guess and say it takes you 30 minutes to get ready, only to be blind-sighted by the fact that you are actually taking twice as long, especially if you haven't had your morning coffee. Before you schedule your day in an effort to manage your time, have a solid, irrefutable idea of how long it actually takes you to complete certain tasks so you can manage your expectations when you allot yourself time to do them.

2. Micromanage yourself: Be strict with yourself. Notice your distractions and literally move away from them as they happen so you can stay focused. Don't be afraid to use extensions that will block distracting websites like Facebook. Nobody likes to be micromanaged, but you can at least take comfort in the fact that it's you who will be micromanaging yourself.

3. Make appointments: If you give yourself all day to do something, guess when it's going to get done? At the very end of the day, when you have no time left. However, if you have a lunch date with a friend or a doctor's appointment, you've created a deadline for yourself that will help motivate you to accomplish your task by a certain time. Additionally, if you make a fun appointment like hanging out with a friend, you've also created a reward for getting your job done!

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