Thursday, June 15 2017

Wouldn't life be better if you had enough time in the day to work on important projects, run errands, or to cross items off of that must-get-done to-do list?  FYI: it's easy to hit the reset button.  If you can spare twenty minutes a day you can accomplish these tiny, yet oh-so-giant tasks.

Brainstorm - Shut off the TV, pause your iPod, and grab a notepad?  Now write down anything … anything that comes to mind.  Use this quiet time to focus on your business and discover those out-of-the box ideas.  Brainstorming lets you figure out clever ways of launching new products, or to develop a unique side of your business.

Lady, White board, project management.

Rehash Major Projects -  Focus on the overall picture instead of getting overwhelmed by the details.  Bring an old project back to life by rehashing one you've recently shelved.

Collaborate - Discuss accomplishments and setbacks with your teammates.  Pick their brains and see their point of view.  You'll be surprised to learn how others tackle problems or overcome major obstacles.

Pay Attention To Your Customers - Who are the people that buy from you?  Why do they come to your store instead of others?  Getting to know your “fan base” means becoming a better business owner.

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Meet Your Competitors - Understanding the competition is just as important as knowing your customers.  Find out what your competitors do, and don’t do well.  The competition's mistakes or missed-opportunities means an opportunity for you to fix a problem.

Twenty minutes a day, one task for every day of the week.  Try it for a month to see how your workplace changes for the better.

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Samuel Capaldi
Copywriter / Social Media Writer / Content Creator
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