Saturday, March 19 2016

A customer walks into your store.  No, it’s not the beginning of a joke but proof that your online marketing is working.  “I found you by searching for,” “Your ad came up when I typed in …” and “My friend shared your post about …” are music to an online marketer’s ears.  It means the careful planning and building of your website, blog, and social media presence is working!

It’s your website’s goal to draw new business and keep customers coming back.  But how do you make sure customers choose your business over the competitions?

Call to action

Write Strong Call-to-Actions. - Examples include “Click for a free how-to guide/quick easy tips” or “Get your 25% discount coupon."  Strong “Do” words and an incentive to the customer make a great combination.  Offering immediate discounts or helpful tips just by entering an email address is a quick way to entice customers.

Don’t Waste Ad Words on Your Company Name.  - You read that correctly.  Customers aren’t typing in your company name into search engines if they don’t know your company.  They’re instead searching for the product they want.  Spend your money wisely, put it towards Adwords about your product or business.

Update Your Website Every Couple of Years. - You don’t need a major overhaul, just a quick sprucing up.  Make small design changes, but most importantly change and update your content.  A fresh set of eyes can do wonders for it by adding keywords putting a fresh spin on old products. 

Blog and Blog Often. - Give search engines and users a good reason to return to your site.  Keyword rich blogs bring the search engines a-calling.  Link your blog to other sites.  Oh, and make sure you blog about something users want, crave, and can use.  Also, mix it up by mentioning current topics.

keep it local

Get Local - If you want local customers, optimize your site with local information.  Include your address and geo-targeted words.  Mention that your business’s cross street, or that it’s close to a local landmark.  Even fun facts about your home town are a great way of being noticed on local searches as well as providing a fun fact to readers.

Enable Share Buttons - Make your blog easy to share on social media.  Many share buttons are included on many blog and web content sites.  Businesses who have blogs that are shared and gather more likes, and more comments, organically rise to the top in engine searches.

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be difficult and including these easy-to-use tips can prove beneficial to increasing your online presence. Businesses today know the value of having an online presence that extends beyond just having a website. Hire us today for social media and blogging services!