Thursday, November 23 2017

You’ve probably said the phrase ‘too much to do, not enough hours’ countless times since your work day began.  No?  Well, you’ve definitely heard your teammates mumble this phrase under their breath.

If this is your mantra day-in and day-out, you're doing something to drain your work hours.  Read below to learn how to cut out these five time-wasting habits from your work day.

Perfectionism Man cutting grass with scissors

1) Perfectionism - Perfectionism paralyzes many projects.  Perfectionism is also a sign of procrastination.  Try this instead, focus on the big picture so as not to waste time on small details.  Beat the 'perfectionism' habit by focusing on making things “good” before moving on to other major tasks.

2) Saying Yes To Everything - Never saying no means inviting stress and time-sucking tasks into your work day.  Besides, a yes-man (or woman) never gets the respect they deserve.  Setting boundaries and saying 'no' means a boosting your time-saving efforts.

3) Finishing Everything You Start - If you don't enjoy what you’ve started it’ll take forever to finish.  It’s perfectly OK to walk away from projects or people especially if they're draining your valuable resource --time.  You may have started a book because it looked good, but set it down if it’s not adding value to your day.

multitasking women with too many post-it notes.

4) Multitasking - Place 'multitask' on you list of words never to say.  Multitasking can actually make you less productive.  Constantly switching between project teaches your brain to not focus on anything.  To be more producting, complete one project (or one facet of a project) at a time before moving on to the next.

5) Trying To Do It All / Never Delegating - We get it.  It’s your business and you'll do it your way?  No?  OK, It’s your business and you want to know how to do it all.  That’s good.  You should know about every facet of your business but give yourself a break by delegating tasks to your employees.  Doing this will take a load off your mind and your sanity.  Refusing to let go of control can backfire.  Besides, you’re wasting time if others are more efficient at performing tasks.  Stay within your realm of expertise, delegating even small tasks can be a huge time saver.

Samuel Capaldi
Copy Writer / Social Media Writer / Content Creator
Creative Writing Agency