Monday, November 28 2016

Acquiring traffic organically is every website's goal.  But, how to do this?  Industry-standard techniques exist to get you seen on the web, but what happens after that?  Do you feel some websites have all the luck?  These sites may know a few tricks on how to better engage readers.

Think of reader engagement as three levels: bringing users to your site, engaging them with your content, then them sharing your posts.

The tactics below do more than boost traffic, they get readers engaged with your site and coming back time and time again.

1) Leverage Third Party Data - There’s plenty out there; it’s easy to find and ready for your company to use.  Stop wasting time and money conducting your own market research.  And why pay a third-party company when much of the information is readily available on the web?  Need statistical data on search engine optimization?  Try HubSpot’s post about marketing statistics.  Need a video?  TedTalk topics are widely available and easy to share.

Which leads into the next topic …

Sharing Content

2) Share Third Party Content - If you’re sharing (and citing) third party information, then go a step further and include a quote or image.  Sharing third party content builds trust amongst bloggers, and can boost chances for others to re-post your content.

3) Leveraging Meta Tags - Bloggers use meta tags to help search engines better understand and rank their posts.  Meta tags were originally used by web developers as a way to be discovered by the major search engines.  With the amount of blogs generated daily bloggers need another way for search engines to better notice and categorize their blogs.  Don’t know how to use meta tags?  Scared of coding?  Try this easy to understand post and start using meta tags today.

valuable blog content

4) Update A Previous Post - Data gets old, old data becomes useless over time.  Update a previous post by putting a new spin on an old tip, or by making information relevant today.  Updating a post doesn’t mean a complete rewrite.  Simple updates like adding new keywords, linking to a related post or social media can make an old post new again.

5) Build Off Of Viral Content - Choose your content carefully!  Select only the viral content which draws in visitors AND is relevant to your business.  Forget that popular cat meme, and forego using current reality TV characters unless you can somehow link it to your business in a credible way.

Remembering this three step process a) bringing users to your site b) getting them engaged with your content c) and, having them share your posts it will help the next time you write your blog.

Samuel Capaldi
Copywriter / Social Media Writer / Content Creator
Creative Writing Agency