Wednesday, December 14 2016

Let it be known that your company's website should use both a homepage and one or more landing pages.  Why?  Think of your homepage as the page that introduces visitors to your company.  Now, think of each landing page as a way of introducing visitors to one specific product.

Make sense?

Knowing when to use one or the other depends on how you want visitors to interact with your site.  And knowing the difference between the two will better help the next time you create your online marketing campaign.

Homepage, House

You Homepage
Your company's homepage is the first, top-tier page of your website.  Visitors to your home page more likely know your business and have visited your website before.

A well-designed homepage:
1) Speaks more to the overall brand of your company rather than to any specific product.
2) Should be quick to introduce products or services your company sells.
3) Will include key links directing users to “About” pages, services or products, blogs or other relevant information.

Landing page

Your Landing Page
Landing page visitors found one specific product via a search engine, then clicked on a link directing them to this page.  A good landing page has one goal: speak directly about one particular product or service your company sells.

A landing page:
1) Will inform visitors about a particular product, directing them to a specific call-to-action therefore increasing conversion rates.
2) Will target a specific audience.
3) Will be used to introduce special offers, sales or limited-time promotions.

Tools to the eye

Homepage As A Landing Page
Why not both?  Use your landing page to quickly introduce a new product or special offer.  Create an eye-catching link that will direct visitors to that specific landing page.

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Samuel Capaldi
Copywriter / Social Media Writer / Content Creator
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