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SEO product writing that creatively showcases your brand or services. Why us? Well, because your usual copywriter flew the cuckoos. Reliable creativity is hard to find, err, keep. Skilled writers are few, and tone and voice matching is difficult. Each flannel button-down or leather handbag doesn’t simply enhance trendy fashion statements. Each piece evokes emotion, temptation and a story begging to be told. Sassy and succinct, we can tell that story in as little as 50-80 words. Brevity is key here as we weave a tale of your high fashion brand, taking careful note to consider your unique personality. Are your products hard to sell? Need SEO descriptions? Can’t get people interested in your service? Maybe they can’t find it. Let us assist. After completing a simple questionnaire, our team creates sample text and sends to you for approval. How specific would you like us to be? We can be as hands-on with our creativity or follow precise instructions adhering to industry standards, keywords, or your style guide. We’ll work with the trendiest high fashion brands to indie boutiques with ahh-mazing jewelry finds. We cross all industries from fashion/shoes, photography, housewares, introductions/categories/reviews, rentals, technology, automotive, organic/food, production, cd/art titles, and various metadata. Our product description writers have been matched to your business because of their interests and experience. We understand all writing is not the same. With CWA, you not only get a proficient writer; you get an accomplished specialist with finesse and ingenuity because they don’t just love writing, they love what they’re writing about. We’re a fraction of the cost of product description writers, and all accounts will receive a creative team: a content writer, an editor and a consultant overseeing your web or print writing project. Email us today about your challenges and we’ll be sure to cater your descriptions ensuring your success. PLEASE INQUIR

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Details may vary per package ordered depending on order amount and word count. Please see below for more details. Custom orders ok, please email below.

Tier 1
Fashion Descriptions
50-80 Word Count

Posts are researched, sent for approval, then scheduled. We break down your costs by day for you so you can see how affordable our services are!

25 DESC.*
50 DESC.*
100 DESC.*
250 DESC.*
500 DESC.*
Please Call

*Descriptions. Cost varies depending on which dropdown option you have chosen.

Tier 2
Product Descriptions
50-80 Word Count

Please Call

Cost varies depending on which dropdown option you have chosen.

Tier 3
Various Word Count

100-150 WC $70
50-200 WC $60
100-150 WC $60
50-100 WC $90
1000 DESC.*
60-100 WC $1,450.00
2500 DESC.*
60-100 WC $3,375.00
5000 DESC.*
60-100 WC $6,250.00
10000 DESC.*
60-100 WC $11,500.00

*Descriptions. Cost varies depending on which dropdown option you have chosen. Word count totals are per each description.

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